Friday, April 12, 2013

Making the Outside of Your Home Just as Livable as the Inside

Typically we talk about the home environment and the features found inside the home. Did you know the area surrounding your home can be just as important?
We all have had a moment where we’ve struggled to get to the front door when moving large furniture or when trying to bring a sleeping baby in from a long walk in the stroller. Re-adjusting was probably required because you were not able to get in without having to negotiate narrow walkways or steps leading up to the front door. Wouldn’t it be nice if not only homes were completely livable but so was the entire community?
Just imagine, having a wider sidewalk so that you and your friend could run together without tripping over each other. Ever feel like you’re mountain climbing when trying to get to the top of your driveway?  Swap out your hiking boots for some comfy flip flops by incorporating a minimal slope.  Another great feature would be paved access to the electrical panel.  Just imagine how much easier it would be in a rain storm to access the area without having to trudge through the mud.
 It’s no secret that having Livable Design features inside your home can make life easier and more convenient.  But why stop there?  Making some changes outside can also make a world of difference!
Are there any features on the outside of your house that you wouldn’t want to live without?

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